Class Calendar

Class Calendar

Half-day, one-day and 4 day group seminars for kids, teenagers, their parents and educators and obviously everyone else interested in these practical tools and techniques.

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Foundation Classes

14. - 17. July in Alsace FR
9. - 12. August in Thun
1. - 4. September in Bramsche DE
29. Sept - 2. Oct in Thun  (school holidays)
26. - 29. December in Thun

Access Bars & School 

20.8 & 27.8
8.10 & 16.10

Access Body Processes

19.7   14h - 17h
26.7  14h - 17h



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*Disclaimer:  The Access Bars®, the Access Body processes and the Access Foundation® are part of the Access Consciousness® body of work created by Gary Douglas and co-created by Dr. Dain Heer. I do not own nor did I create these materials. I have the pleasure and honour to teach these classes as an authorized licensed certified facilitator of Access Consciousness®.