Welcome to my world!

Hi, my name is Lorelei and for a bit over a quarter of a century I have had the privilege of experiencing hands on what our nervous system is capable of in terms of rapid changes. And how sometimes, we can get stuck in trauma and limitations.

I have had extensive training in various methods that help unstuck and rewire our thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns in the nervous system. It is truly incredible the things we are capable of when we let go of the thinking mind and dive into our potency and magic capabilities.

For more than 16 years now I have tutored and coached children, teenagers and young adults in all things studies, learning difficulties, how to see their diagnose with a different set of eyes and how to use it as an ability instead of a disability.

I am a certified facilitator of different seminars from the Access Consciousness® body of work. Dynamic tools to change, transform and release trauma, shock, patterns and cellular memories from within our body and our whole being.

I also started taking classes with and study the body of work from Alexandra Nadeau more recently. A renown "human transformation" expert from Quebec who specialises in practical  techniques to rewire the brain hemispheres, releasing limiting beliefs  as well as rewriting our body's blueprint after physical and emotional traumas and shocks.

I offer both 1:1 sessions and group trainings .

Please reach out to me to book a free 15 min discovery call for more in-depth information on my offers and my current calendar.

I am looking forward to meet you,
with joy