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Here's a quick overview of the classes and seminars Lorelei is currently facilitating. 

*Please consider that based on the class type and geographical location, a minimum amount of comitted participants will be asked for. 

Access Bars® & learning difficulties

A 2 day workshop to discover, learn and practice the Access Bars® and 2 complementary body processes that start to undo all the limitations of what is difficult in school and open up the possibilities of it being ease.
Access Bodyprocesses

A 1 day class to discover, learn and practice the  2 body processes. 

Have you ever considered a life in which your body is your best friend and there is nothing wrong with it?

Access Foundation® seminar

A 4 days seminar during which we'll explore the world of possibilities. 
What if you had alway been encouraged to explore, be more and choose greater?

What would you truly desire your life to be like?

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