Live Access Classes

Pragmatic and dynamic tools to change all areas of your life ease peasy.

Access Consciousness Bars®
All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.®

The Access Bars® are 32 points on the head that, when gently activated, help to reduce stress, the endless thoughts, trauma & pain throughout the body, as well as depression and burnout symptoms and promote a positive outlook on life.

Access Bars® classes can be attended by anyone without prerequisites and certify you as an officialAccess Bars® practitioner. Whether for your family, your friends, as an add-on service to your existing practice, therapy or support work, Access Bars® are a life-changing enrichment for everyone!

Children and teenagers up to 15 years attend an Access Bars® class for free when accompanied by a paying adult!

How does it get even better than that? =)

Access Consciousness Foundation
How would I like my life to be?

Do you know that life has more to offer than what you have and are experiencing right now?

The 4-day Foundation (prerequisite Access Bars one day class) is the Hogwarts letter
you've been waiting for and never received, until now!

Packed with practical and immediately applicable questions, clearings, tools, energetic body processes, good company and plenty of space to laugh or cry, this life-changing seminar offers you the opportunity to transform the foundation of your life and create a changeable and moveable platform for yourself instead.

"What if the purpose of life is to have way too much fun?"