About Lorelei

"Are you willing to be the tallest poppy?"


Since my first day on planet Earth, I have been seeking (and finding) the magic, the possibilities and the mysteries that others often could no longer see.

As a child I would talk to trees, the ocean, the sea, the birds, the flowers and the little streams in the forest. I had that very strong connection to the earth and everything that lives on and in it.

Growing up I slowly forgot about the magic and the miracles. Until I started opening up and receive it again starting in my early twenties.

Many books, methods, modalities, tools and techniques later, today I am celebrating the discomfort of consciously choosing to stop trying to fit in and living a life I had only dreamed of so far. 

On my way I have been and still am supported and accompanied by many awesome, inspiring and inviting people whom I am deeply grateful for.

If I can be that person for you, how does it get even better? 

Whether you are comfortable with choosing 0.01% more or 2% more or 20% or 50% or 1000% I am available to support you in every way I know.

How did I get so lucky to accompany and support incredible people such as yourself?

Your only job is to have the courage to choose and the indecency to receive
- Lorelei


  • Aromatherapy Consultant
  • Architectural Interior Design Diploma
  • Human Medicine
  • Certified Bars® and Foundation® Facilitator at Access Consciousness®
  • Reiki Usui Level I Initiate
  • Certified private Tutor
  • Psychology Student at Fernuni Schweiz

Other official titels
  • Joyful person

  • Business enjoyer

  • Plant mom

  • Body whisperer

  • Pleasure finder