Private Sessions

1 : 1 sessions for children, teenagers and adults. Tailored coaching based on your needs and requirements.

Children & Teenagers Empowerment

  • How not to lose yourself within your family and with your friends
  • How to deal with toxic friendships and emotional abusing friends and persons
  • Using your hypersensitivity, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia or autistic capacities to your advantage
  • How to handle and get out of depressive states of mind
  • Handling and stopping being bullied
  • Preventing burnouts and chronic stress
  • Having clarity about your future and tools to create it the way you desire it to be

Individual session: CHF 180 (45 min - 60 min)**
Coaching bundle (5 sessions): CHF 780

Life Coaching & Personal Empowerment
  • Transforming your body effortlessly
  • Finding the right partner for You
  • Transforming your relationship to yourself
  • Harmonising existing friendships & work relationships 
  • Harmonising romantic relationships and marriage
  • Leaving toxic relationships with ease
  • Making yourself a priority again
  • Navigating big life changes with more ease and peace
  • Going through lose and grief healthily
  • Changing what is keeping you from having a child
  • Going through pregnancy with ease and confidence
Individual session: CHF 250 (75 min - 90 min)**
Coaching bundle (5 sessions): CHF 1'125*


Bodywork sessions

Wherever you go, your body comes with you.

This is what is called a holistic approach.

If you are walking the earth, you have a body and wherever you go it is here with you.

Beyond it looks and physical capacities your body is a sensorial and energetic organism. It has the ability to lock in traumas and memories (like pain and fear and sadness) that make it difficult to move past certain experiences and stucks us in repetitive schemes.

In order to move past where you are at right now and to change the way you would like to change I will consider all aspects of your mind, body and being.

*All live coaching programs and session bundles include bodywork whenever I get it will help and create the change you are looking for.

Access Consciousness
The Bars®

The Bars® are 32 points on your head that hold the electro smog of all your stress, drama, traumas, thoughts and emotions. During a session these points are gently activated and the heaviness is being released effortlessly.

Access Body Processes

These are more than 150 different energies that can facilitate your body back into its natural and optimal functions. Traumas and pains are iradicated on a cellular level (cell memory release) and your whole life can more onward and upward with more ease.

Access energetic Facelift®

Despite it's name the energetic Facelift does far more than make you look younger and fresher. It is an incredible energetic boost for every cell in your body and often even extends to "lift" your whole life.


Children (< 15)
Bars® or Bodyprocess: CHF 120 (35-45 min session)
Energetic Facelift®: CHF 150 (45-60 min session)

Teenagers, students, retirees (16-18)
Bars® or Bodyprocess: CHF 135 (50-60 min session)
Energetic Facelift®: CHF 180 (60-75 min session)

Adults (>19)
Bars® or Bodyprocess: CHF 180 (60 min session)
Energetic Facelift®: CHF 220 (60-75 min session)

** please note: 
  • All coaching and empowerment sessions INCLUDE bodywork. I will include Bars®, Bodyprocesses or Facelift® sessions as required in order to optimise and support your journey of change and transformation.
  • Bodywork sessions DO NOT include extended facilitation or verbal processing.
  • If your target is deep change and transformation that is sustainable, I recommend a coaching session or a coaching bundle.

I am looking forward to meeting you in person!
with love