Thriving beyond your label(s).

Psychological counseling and coaching for neurodivers persons and their family.

You are capable

Have you been labeled or diagnosed with a "dis-ability"? 
What if that very thing you think if wrong about you is actually what is strong about you?


Do you sometimes feel like you are  disconnected from your peers or family members?
Is communicating with others something that you are struggling with?

Ease at school

Are you struggling to find an interest in school? Do you feel overwhelmed with the sensory input or understimulated in your grade? Do you have difficulties concentrating or doing one thing at the time?

Whether you have, foster, teach to or work with children or teenagers with ADD, ADHD, OCD or Autism, chances are that you have more than once come to the end of your rope. That you didn't know what to do next. That you felt a sens of helplessness or overwhelm.

I want these times for you to be over. In my different group coaching and classes you will be educated to and discovering different and unique tools to handle about any and all situation. 

More and more parents desire to educate themselves about  their child's uniqueness and different way of functioning. They want to know how they can actively support their child beyond their therapist appointment or special education class. 

I coach and educate parents, social workers, therapists, teachers and more in 1:1 sessions on new and alternative approches to empower and support children and teenagers with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism.